HydroTherapy Articles

There is a large amount of material that has been written about Equine Therapy, Recovery and the use of aquatred systems in Equine Care. Below are just a few of the articles we have come across.

Healing Horses – What works for Us, Works for them

Equine Hydrotherapy – Water Therapy Helps Horses Heal Faster
By: Christy Christoffersen – August 27th, 2007

KESMARC employs a unique approach
by Kimberly French, USTA Web Newsroom senior correspondent

All in the Details – SCERC
The Southern California Equine Rehabilitation Center
By Erin Gilmore

Cavonnier Rallies to Win
A short ‘Recovery to win’ story.

Systems for Recovery From Anesthesia
By Douglas J. Herthel, DVM

SPORTS MEDICINE: Cross-Training for Horses

By Koren Briggs

Equine Physical Therapy
By Les Sellnaw

Equine Water Works
Hydrotherapy is a low-impact way to recondition a horse after injury or surgery—or to condition a horse generally.
By Stephanie Stephens

A Center For Healing

Trip To The Spa
It’s not all mud packs and mineral water, but for horses who need rehabilitative therapy after surgery or an injury, a stint at the spa may be just what’s required to speed recovery and get the athlete back to the training or show pen.
by Stephanie Stephens