The Model 1000 is our premier horse treadmill system, incorporating the best features and options available.


Until now, swimming horses for exercise has involved a series of “up-hill” limb thrusts – which in many instances could cause harm to the animal as the legs perform an unnatural all-out type of flexation. It is difficult if not impossible, to cause the horse to slow walk, fast walk, trot, etc., in a river or pool. To date, trainers could not truly control aquatic exercise with any satisfactory results. The HydroCiser has built into it the best features and advantages of treadmills, swimming pools, whirlpools, all combined in one small, compact unit.


So, if you are looking for an all weather conditioning method, a therapeutic means to get injured horses back into conditioning more quickly, or a training method that minimizes injury, you will find all three, and more, in the HydroCiser.

Key Benefits:

  • Heated Whirlpool
  • Variable Speed Treadmill
  • Quickly and Easily Installed in Confined Spaces
  • All Weather Conditioning Method
  • A Training Method that Minimizes Injury
  • Therapeutically Conditions Injured Horses Quickly and Safely

Purchase Information

Price: Contact us for pricing on our different Hydrocisor models

  • Standard 4 ft. tall
  • Big Boy 5 ft. tall

*NOTE – Price does not include 13’X13′ concrete pit.

Terms: 50% Deposit with order balance prior to shipping or on delivery.

Leasing: Leasing Plans available and can be suited to purchaser’s particular requirements

Delivery: 60 Days from time of order


The HydroHorse 1Inc. Treadmill system features easy maintenance. All units are custom designed and built to fit individual needs, from single units to multi-unit treadmills.


Six month warranty on all parts with exception of treadmill belt and rubber hose, which is guaranteed for 90 days from the date of installation.

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Hydro Ciser Details:





Each letter below corresponds with a point on the Hydro Ciser drawing above.

  • A – Filters, heater, hydraulic drive over shallow reservoir tank.
  • B – Control console by horse’s head. Heart rate monitor and diagnostics by others.
  • C- Exercise stall fills with 46″ of water. Buoyancy reduces concussive stresses by 40% and eliminates lameness. Water’s resistance ensures high heart rate workout.
  • D – Whirlpool jets and warm water give therapeutic massage.
  • E – Quick-action door. Water pressure seals shut.
  • F – Rollerless treadmill for low maintenance. Flat surface avoids jarring and lameness. Tones correct muscles. Strengthens legs.
  • G – Year-round all-weather conditioning. Compact 13’L X 13′ W X 4’H (also available in 5ft hieght) fits in any barn.
  • H – Ground-level entry. Stall shaped like trailer and dry when entered. Horses enter readily.
  • I – Uses readily available 208 or 220V, 100 amp, single phase power supply.