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Bob Mitchell video clip on the benefits of the Hydro Ciser and Horse Treadmill Systems
Monty Robers video interview on the benefits of the aquatred horse treadmills


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About HydroHorse Inc.

Hydro Horse Company was formed and has been marketing and maintaining quality horse products since 1987.

We are proud to provide an active list of successful and satisfied customers. Hydro Horse has many products available to help ensure your horses make the best recovery possible and stay in prime condition. Wether you race thoroughbreds, or compete in reining or cutting, HydroHorse Inc. is here to help you achieve your peak performance.


Race horses recover faster and gain conditioning in HydroHorse Treadmills


Many winning racehorses, pleasure horses and performance horses have benefitted from conditioning in one of our horse treadmills.


Horse Treadmill Model 201 - HydroHorse's most popular in-ground treadmill


Contact HydroHorse Inc. today to learn more about our horse treadmill and veteinary recovery pool systems!



HydroHorse Inc. designs and fabricates underwater treadmill systems for horses (also known as aquatreds, or aquacisers), as well as post-surgery recovery pools.


New above ground stainless steel HydroCisor. Installation is easy - just set the unit on a cement floor, add the external plumbing, pumps, and breaker panel, and turn it on! Featuring two doors and a 12 foot treadmill.

Please Contact Us for pricing and further details

New! Vibrating floors, custom designed to fit your stall!

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Water chiller NOW available!

We are now able to add a saltwater chiller/heater unit to our HydroCiser models.

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Digital Controls Available!

All new production units now include an advanced digital control system. The new Digital Control Panel adds several new features such as:

  • Built in Timers
  • Distance Horse 'traveled'
  • Current treadmill speed (in mph, kph, fps, etc)
  • Count down timers
  • All shown on a large high-contrast HydroHorse Blue display.

Have an older model and want the benefits of Digital?

We have retrofit kits to add the Time-Distance and Speed measuring to your existing system. Contact Us for more information.

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How the Equine Treadmill Systems Work:

The HydroHorse Inc. Submerged Treadmill Systems are a high tech engineered combination of a treadmill, whirlpool, and swimming pool. They are designed to aid in the therapeutic healing, strengthening, conditioning, and training of all types of horses. In essence, the horse is partially buoyant in a specially designed water filled tank, which at the same time allows contact with the treadmill.

Horse Treadmill Model 201 Unlike traditional swimming pool therapy, the horse can exercise in a controlled environment, using its normal gait and the same muscles as in use while exercising on the track without undue stress or trauma.

This form of exercise in temperature controlled water with the powerful therapeutic effects derived from the system’s Jacuzzi jets ensures proper and controlled conditioning for virtually every facet of the animal’s body while reducing concussion and thus rendering the equine athlete to be better equipped to withstand the rigors of performance and to remain competitive for longer periods of time. Equine treadmills are also known as Aquatreds, or Aquacisers but the function remains the same.

How Treadmills Help Horses Recover From Injuries:

Our aquatred systems may be used for treating injuries such as bowed tendons, pulled suspensory ligaments, bucked shins, and saucer fractures, quarter cracks or foot problems and generally for the rehabilitation of the animal after any injury or surgery. The lungs and heart of the animal receive maximum conditioning, which increases their capacity thus minimizing possibility of bleeding while performing. Bones become denser and more compact and the tendency of the perisoteum of the cannon bones becoming inflamed is greatly reduced and can be virtually eliminated with the aid of a treadmill.
Horse Treadmill

Properly controlled exercise in the treadmill adds significant tone and conditioning to the back and stifle muscles and would make ‘tying up’ during the early stages of training less apt to occur. There are known cases, where a horse was badly injured but after treatment on a treadmill system, came back to be a winner!

Why Treadmills are Better for Horses:

Horse Hydrotherapy in the Aquaciser helps maximize endurance horse performances HydroHorse 1Inc. Systems are designed to relieve stress. They have been proven to be powerful tools for rehabilitation, training and conditioning of horses as the animals are less traumatized because they remain in contact with a solid surface beneath them, under controlled conditions.

Our systems allow a horse to exercise the same muscles, tendons, and ligaments used when working out on the track without the constant unyielding concussion of the surface track. The buoyancy of the water displaces approximately 40% to 45% of the body weight – while contact with the treadmill and thrust of working against the water still affords sufficient concussion to promote bone density and encourage muscle development, while minimizing injury. This cannot be achieved in a conventional swimming pool where movement involves "up-hill" thrusts and an unnatural ‘all-out’ type of flexation, which could be harmful and could cause ‘stress’ and ‘trauma’ for the animal.

How HydroHorse Inc. Treadmill Systems Help in Conditioning:

Early conditioning on treadmill systems helps tendons, ligaments and joint capsules to tighten and increase in tensile strength and thus prepares a horse for the heavier training required to prepare the animal for the race track or equestrian shows. Additionally, this form of hydrotherapy involves a massaging action produced by air and water jets, which create a whirlpool effect smoother and more constant than can be done by hand. Many reining and other performance horses benefit from regular hydrotherapy in aquatred horse treadmills

Horses love this relaxing and invigorating form of training and both vets & trainers agree that this hydrotherapy system is physically and psychologically beneficial to the animal.
HydroHorse - Providing Quality Horse Treadmill Systems

HydroHorse Inc. - Equine Treadmill Systems

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