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Installation Includes:

  • Excavation of pit
  • Setting of spa
  • Plumbing
  • Back filling
  • Testing


  • Operator Control Console
  • Submerged hydraulic driven 10 foot stainless treadmill with belt
  • 10 HP hydraulic power supply to drive treadmill
  • Water heater (natural gas, propane, kerosene, oil or electric)
  • Twin Water filter system and pump set
  • 2 each – Jacuzzi nozzle pump sets
  • 12 each – Jacuzzi jets
  • 2 sets – skimmers
  • 1 each – pool neck and butt restraints
  • Chain hoist – one ton capacity
  • Chain sling for treadmill maintenance

Friesians benefit from hydrotherapy in HydroHorse Treadmills

Model 101A

The Model 101A is our easy-installtion unit, based on a fiberglass spa to make installation quicker and less expensive.

Horse Treadmill Model 101A - HydroHorse's easy installation unit


The HydroHorse Inc. Treadmill offers easy and convenient entrance and exit of the unit and after just a few workouts on the system, horses soon lose their fear of being ‘herded’ into an enclosed area which then facilitates loading them onto their travel trailers for transportation.

The Model 101A is an inground hydrotherapy system. It includes a 10 foot long treadmill in a pre-plumbed 46ft fiberglass spa. This greatly simplifies installation. It also includes a Twin-Filter water filtration system (upgradable to 3 Filters) to ensure the water stay clean.


Please contact us for detailed pricing information. Intallation is available, which includes digging the hole, plumbing in, and testing of the system.


The HydroHorse Inc. Treadmill system features easy maintenance. All units are custom designed and built to fit individual needs, from single units to multi-unit treadmills.


25 years on Fiberglass Spa Manufacturers warranty on all pumps and fittings. One year on parts.

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